To Huck With Those Stilettos!


Yup, it’s Homecoming week and the stereotype of the male CEO and sexy secretary are alive and well at our local high school. Micro-minis and spike heels click down the school hallway while boys gawk.

I ponder this and shake my head in disbelief as I watch a microcosm of society playing out before me.

Haven’t we progressed forward? at all?

Is this why women are still hitting their heads on the glass ceiling? Or is this still the “look” even in today’s work place? Albeit not all the students are dressed this way, but there are definitely enough to scare me into a reality check.

The assumption that CEOs are men and wear a suit and tie is old school.

As CEO of Huckwagons AND as a woman, I decided to dispel the myth that one must be stuffed shirt male.Hot pink Huckwagons T, power skirt, and boots are my attire on this dress up day. And, speaking of “attire”, the tire belt completing the ensemble was quite a hit!

Will it make a difference with these kids? Probably not, but it helps me quell my own anxiety. Being put back in the box, trapped under a ceiling – only able to look at the sky and not reach for it – is no way to live life. Being outside, on the trails, inhaling the fresh cedar canopy swaying in the wind IS the way – for me – to be me.

So, to huck with those stilettos! (510s are way more comfortable anyway.)

Loosen that tie! (You might choke while bombing down your favorite trail.)

Get muddy, take risks, and wear neon if you must, but get out of the confines of your safe and secure world.

It is all about the journey, isn’t it? So keep exploring. Keep looking for those new lines and finessing the old ones. Load those bikes on your Huckwagon and head for the hills.

We DARE you!

Just get outside and RIDE!