Makin’ Our Dreams Come True!

Go, Fight, Win!

Still Homecoming and the air is alive with excitement. Royalty, dress up days, class competitions, the parade, game, and of course, who to take to the dance! It is hard enough to focus in class, let alone on the nightly homework assigned.

Remember when life revolved around high school? The glory days? The anticipation and hype? And then the “let down” when it was finally over – until next year? In some ways it was almost a relief – especially for teachers and administrators – and of course the few dedicated individuals who worked so hard behind the scenes to make each day a memorable success.

So much thought, planning, time…to dress up or not to dress up? What if no one else does? What if I dress up for the wrong day? That would be almost as bad as going to class naked…

Today it is Favorite Team Jersey Day. I rack my brain…my son needs his tennis jersey for a match and the Sonics don’t play here anymore…so, deviating from the norm of Seahawks paraphernalia and high school football jerseys, I select from my Crankworx SWAG – Sodestrom, Martin.

An exceptional athlete.

We watched with mounting cheers and excitement as he rode what seemed like the perfect final run at Slopestyle. Would he place 1st or 2nd? He and Semenuk were both riding flawlessly. Each trick dialed to perfection.

And then, just like that, silence!

Tens of thousands were stunned speechless. His body lay crumpled, lifeless, at the bottom of his final trick.

Passion. Life’s blood. When someone is passionate about something – a job, a sport, an activity, a lover – it shows. It emanates from one’s being and is not only captivating, but contagious to those lucky enough to witness it.

When Sodestrom was down, our hearts went out to him, some were shaken to the very core, but when he was flying – and he will again, we could feel his joy and skill and passion. It was electrifying! Can you imagine being able to live your passion?!

How many times have you been told to be practical? Or to “be careful” so you don’t get hurt? How many times have you NOT done something so you can stay “safe”? People get hurt falling off a curb and people who religiously pay their bills still may lose their house to foreclosure. Is it worth the personal cost of not following your dreams just in case something bad MIGHT happen?

Henry Ford once said, “if you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”

Certainly if you don’t try something, you can’t fail, but you can’t succeed either. Sure, if Martin (Soderstrom) had “heard the word impossible” and decided to play it safe, he could be home playing video games instead of healing from a broken leg.

But what is more satisfying?

If we were being “responsible” we would only talk about cool trailer and bike rack designs. But instead, we are going to “(do) it our way, yes our way…(and) make our dreams come true” (thanks Laverne and Shirley!) by pursuing our dream and creating Huckwagons.

Our love of biking, the relationships we have made over the years, the joy we find on the trail, are all reasons we started this venture with Huckwagons. Whether it be creating a new mountain bike rack or trailer design, customizing an order, or simply loading up bikes for a road trip and unloading them at the trail, we are following our passion and hope to share even just a little bit with you.

Start living your passion and check out Huckwagons today! We can help you get you and your bike there – scratch free and ready to RIDE!

“(cuz) we are doin’ our way, yes our way,
Make(in) all our dreams come true
For me and you.”