These People Are GOOD People


“These people are GOOD people!” I commented to a friend just arriving at our latest shindig.

“THEY are why we ride!”

It isn’t just about the trail, or the tail gating, or the adventures that await when we head towards the trail or drop in, it is the relationships that go beyond. The family, the camaraderie, the care we give each other. The laughs, the tears, the hugs, the trail maintenance, the tech support, the spare tubes, the chain lube, the shot blocks, the shots, the advice, the ear, the silence…all these things are why we do it!

These people go beyond acquaintance status. They are family. We hold each other up when family members are struggling with health issues, we hold each other when we experience loss – or just share a cold beer at our home away from home in quiet understanding when things are tough.

These people are the ones who will dance party in the living room, share stories around the campfire and look at the stars, or meet even just a short loop after work before the days get too short.

These people are GOOD people. NO, they are GREAT!

As Sista Sledge sang, “We are family!” They are why we keep on keepin’ on.