Snow DAY!


Remember your excitement as a kid when you saw the first few snowflakes of winter sprinkling from the heavens like powdered sugar?

The anticipation of a snow day, hot cocoa with marshmallows, sledding and playing in the snow was almost too much. You would run and look outside the window, squinting into the streetlights, wondering if there would be enough to cancel school or at least get a late start.

And then, you wake up to a wonderland of brightness.

The earth blanketed in pristine white.

Silence except for the fluffs still dancing as they pirouette to earth.

Maybe I haven’t grown up yet. I still feel this childlike sense of wonderment and glee at the possibility of snow. I love the beauty of the untouched yard, watching the cats try to step around the edges unsuccessfully, and the illusion of endless time in the quiet of the morning.

Extra cups of coffee, snuggling by the fire, curled up with a book or two, and just being.

I love it! What more could I possibly ask for?

A BIKE ride! Oh, how I love to ride my bike in the snow. I feel giddy, light-hearted, and I laugh and laugh. Balance, pedaling, braking. Braking?! All bets are off as to what to expect on the trail.

It is pure joy!

Artistically painted tire tracks, the sound as our wheels crunch down the trail…really, what more could one ask for? And stories…

…so many stories.

One year it seemed like we rode in snow or ice each time we went to Galbraith, and there were a lot of times! Another winter our shuttle rig was full as we headed up to brave the cold and weather at the top of Double D. We got part way up and the gate was closed.

SNOW! “Why wouldn’t we?!”

was the consensus as we layered up and started hiking up the hill with our downhill rigs. The snow just got deeper, but the laughter and exhilaration of the moment was contagious. Slipping and sliding our way down the steep rooty sections was made even more interesting with the trail covered in cold white stuff.

Then, just like that, it was gone. And, while the lower trails were clear, the memories lingered and the experience lives on in our souls.

Snow! There are fat tired bikes, snow tires and chains for bikes, and then there are just our regular old daily rides. What’s tomorrow’s forecast? I look expectantly at the sky and sigh.

I just can’t wait to get back on my bike in the SNOW, but I guess I will have to, for now!