Look Mom, No Feet!

Alive and well and feeling like a kid again!

The snow is refreshing after a week of being sick and low energy.Ride? Hellz yeah! Even if just a short one before the inevitable rain or coughing attack! (weather update: it is still snowing 3 hours later).

Our local trails are closed for the season, but we find some gorgeous gravel roads through the woods. We are the only ones out on this snowy Saturday. Dump run? Breakfast out? We forego chores andEllie’s Restaurant’s deliciousness for perhaps too many cups of strong home brewed espresso and a skillet of cheesy potato egg hash, and a ride.


“Let’s go!” And, so we do.

Woodland creatures in street clothes and base layers. Riding from our back yard in tree farm paradise. Accused of thinking people should be able to be happy doing what they are doing, we are guilty as charged! Certainly there are worse things to be accused of.

It was succinctly described at a planning meeting last week by Recreation Northwest“We promote fun!” I love that! “Dirty little fun havers”?! (Failure to Launch) So be it! In fact, we don’t just think people should be happy, we at Huckwagons KNOW it!

Asked if we are living our passion? Certainly that is our plan. Hanging out with like-minded people, sharing beverages at local establishments, exchanging information about trails and rides, creating possibilities for new riders and outdoors men and women – that is where the excitement begins and resonates within us.

The fun doesn’t have to wait until the trailhead.

It starts at the communal meal or over a cold pitcher and continues throughout the rides – in the shuttle rig AND on the trail.

The snow continues to fall in Stanwood and we warm ourselves by the fire, planning future adventures. Join us! Your Huckwagon mountain bike transport-trailer will get you where you want to go!