Spring Ahead

Ever have one of those weeks?

Over scheduled. Too busy to just sit and ‘be’? No time to just get out and ride? So you schedule a ride day for yourself. You feel just a twinge of guilt as you dodge some commitments.

You need this, though.

To stay sane. To be able to keep on keepin’ on. The anticipation of the day keeps you motivated to get through the week. Will the rain let up? Does it matter? Nothing will keep you from the trails. It has been too long. This ride really isn’t for anyone, but you. No responsibility. Just ride. Be free.

The Huckwagon is loaded and has several stops to make as it heads north. It is like a bus tour…pick up riders, buy icy beverages for the top of the climb, a quick swing by Skagit Cycle for a new pump…gas…and finally we are at the Galby lot. It is mostly empty, but the sun is coming out!

We head up to the towers. Amazed at the logging activity. It really has been too long! We climb, we break. We catch up on the latest with our friends. Did I say it had been too long?!

At the top comes the surprise

Homemade barbeque pork sandwiches and icy Sierra Nevada. We are all hungry and feast on this treat (thanks Gary!) And then, we fly!

It is spring! No one wants the day to end. The extra hour of daylight is a gift and we are kids again! Our ride becomes epic.

And, as daylight finally wanes, we roll into the parking lot. Muddy. Tired. Satisfied. We are the last two cars.We are renewed.