Family Time!

“I miss my family,” was all he said.

The sun was setting on our little group as we sat in camp chairs surrounding the non-existent fire. Soaking in the last few minutes until dusk, the dappled light filtered through the trees and cast golden orange rays on us. There was a magical ambiance to the conversation, a sense of reverence, on this sultry summer’s evening.

“Family?” The question was asked by someone fairly new to the mountain bike scene.

“Yeah. Bikers. The community. My tribe.  I haven’t ridden enough lately and I even have trails close to my backyard. These are my people. I miss it. Too busy doing things that ‘need’ to get done.”

…at least that is my interpretation of how the conversation unfolded. Memories were shared. Vows made to get out more. And, a sense of peace filled my being.

Family. I miss my people. When we are together, it is a cherished time and goes much too quickly. When school is out, we educators anticipate endless vacation, but the reality is much different.   Summers are Saturdays strung together in succession. Home projects, trailer building, car repairs, a mini family vacation here and there, biking where we can fit it in, and it is over. Sometimes, being too busy doing things that ‘need’ to be done gets in the way of what is really important. Family. Our people.



Getting together for the common good. Finding balance. Words not followed by action are meaningless and we lose touch. Life gets in the way and the seats by the fire pit are empty.

On our last ride, we had 5 decades represented. Teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50! I woke up thinking about that the next morning while I massaged my crash weary muscles. A spectrum of over 30 years represented in one group of riders yet on the trail the years don’t matter and we are all one. We bring vast experiences, joys, and our pains to the trail and then to the communal table after the ride, and we are united. Bonded.


One quirky family.

I read that “We live in a society that has everything separated…a society that’s forgotten the whole…Male and female…Young and old…Life and death. Tears and joy. All part of the same. Parts of the whole…” (Melody Beattie).

Our mission at Huckwagons is to get the gang back together. I like to believe our mountain biking family fills that hole and makes us whole by creating true friendships that will span decades, share stories, and create new ones.


Reconnect the missing pieces that have gotten misplaced in the day to day.

Celebrate your biking family with us on the trail or in a Huckwagon by transporting your own group of mismatched riders on their next adventure.

See you on the trails!