Biking, Anyone?

Lil red huckster

Lil red huckster

Watching high school tennis I thought about the similarities to biking. Odd? Or maybe typical since I am a bit crazy about the ride. There are many different facets to the sport(s)…practice, positioning, watching the line, keep your eyes on the prize, singles and doubles, the individual and the team, serving, competition, frustration, joy…the list goes on.
Do you have the right equipment, who are your people, do you have confidence, skill, motivation, desire. Are you having fun? Why do you do it? To be outside, to relieve stress, to keep in shape, to hang with your people, to sweat, laugh, cry…push your limits?

Squamish. A long week of work and inactivity. Stress build up and the chance to let go on the bike. ROAD TRIP! After a quick stop at Quest to deliver things to our daughter, we head to the famous Half Nelson trail parking, with our XB towing bikes on the Lil’ Hucker 5 bike Huckwagon trailer.


Lil red huckster

We gear up and start our ascent up the windy gravel road. Out of shape, tense from the week spent hunched over my desk, the doubt slips in. “What ifs” fill my head as I start to second guess my ability. I’ve ridden this trail before. I know I can do it, but my confidence oozes and tentativeness sets in. “I will be careful”, “I don’t want to crash so I will go slow” (hahaha if you know the trail!) and we get to the trail kiosk.

“Droppin’ in!” and off Dave and Gary go. I’m in and start my ride. Tension from the week is in my shoulders and mind and my flow – what flow? – is off. Definitely not riding in the zone, I am jerky and cautious. Overthinking and not reacting. I breathe and search for my center, my zen moment, my peace, my release. And, just like that, the trail is finished. Too SHORT!

“Let’s go back up and ride a new trail!” I hesitate, but just for a moment. “Why not?!” and back up the fire road we spin. It is a glorious day. I am loosening up, I am in sync with my bike.

The new trail is a Black Diamond. Are you kidding?! I barely made it down Half Nelson. The camaraderie and encouragement is soothing. “We are just checking it out. None of us have ever done it before. You already know how to ride this stuff. You can do it. We will take it easy. We will stay together.”

Post ride picture at Quest U

Post ride picture at Quest U

Post ride picture at Quest U.

This one is technical and steep. I put on my elbow pads, just in case, and drop in to the not so “pc” named trail Angry Midget. Focused, loose, in the zone, in my body, I ride it. My bike and I are one.

I feel AMAZING physically and mentally.

“Add In!” And the serve is good.
Play for the joy of the game.

No second guessing. No time for that! You might double fault or endo.
Remember Caddyshack? 

Be in the zone with whatever activity you enjoy and have fun with it!

See you on the trails!

Heidi and Gary