You know how you feel when you start to tell your story? Talk about something or someone you love?   Share your passion with someone else? Your face lights up, you become animated, your energy level rises, you start gesturing and knocking things over with your flailing hands.  You feel warm and fuzzy inside.  And best of all, you notice that the person you are talking to is nodding and smiling and joining you on this journey.  You think of more cool things you want to share and your excitement continues to grow. 

What started as a reply to a possibly intended short answer question has become a dynamic, interactive conversation.  Your joy radiates, engaging others, and more stories are shared, and it just seems to get better.  Time flies and you don’t even know where it went.

That just happened the other day.  Well, it happens a lot when I start talking about biking, or am organizing a ride, or talking with a client, or planning an adventure.  I get excited and tend to get going and have to reel myself in before people start backing away or nodding off or politely trying to head off to the bathroom.  So, the seemingly innocent question at the office holiday party, “How is Huckwagons?” opened the door and, quickly became a not to brief recounting of our summer adventures, trailers built, new design ideas, people we have met, trails ridden, new and old relationships cultivated, future rides, and then to possibilities, synchronicities, and our many blessings, and so on.  Including the precision necessary in the fabrication, the heart and soul in each weld – even the 400th, and of course back again to the people and their belief in us – and our believing in ourselves. And so we ramble.  As I am here. 

But this simple conversation is really so full! Not simple at all! It humbles Gary and I as it brings to light the countless blessings we have had in 2016 as we head towards welcoming the gifts of 2017.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without the love and trust and time and belief of so many.  Behind the scenes assistance from friends and family in the form of a meal, a beer or two, feeding the cats, helping transport, borrowing flatbeds, picking up something for us at the store…and to the others who help us meet our crazy deadlines with their time, friendliness, expertise, sharing their wealth of knowledge, shuffling their schedules, allowing flexibility, and to those new friends we have met along the way.

And, as these stories are shared, our gratitude grows and we know we are on the right path. Our mission is to bring others along for the ride, to help them create their own adventures, and to share the love!

To all of you, Happy New Year! May it be filled with joy and gratitude.  We thank you for your support and belief in us!  Let's load up that mountain bike shuttle trailer and rip it!

See you on the trails – let’s ride!

Heidi and Gary