Trails are closed for the Season!


Signs were being nailed into place as we made one last trip up the ridge to celebrate closing time. Night was falling and we were assured we weren’t poaching. They closed TOMORROW so we still had today’s last faint rays of light.

Some people say we are entering the “off” season. They wonder what to do until spring when the days get longer and trails dry out. Sitting inside they might watch bike porn, read magazines, reminisce about the good ol’ days of summer…sendin’ it off that rock face, the gnarly crash, the epic rides.


Thankfully that’s not what happens at our place. Well, okay, we actually DO all those things too. A glass of porter and a good bike movie? What else could one want? On a cold fall night, it is the perfect way to celebrate another day. Throw in a grilled cheese sandwich and it is downright heavenly.

But this is actually the perfect time of year to keep on keepin’ on. Try out new trails, hike and explore possibilities for future lines, join a trail building group and maintain existing trails, tune up bikes, and hunt for the elusive chantrelles.



Do you know how satisfying it is to hike up a trail one day that has 5 inch deep mud puddles on it and ride down it the next to find no standing water because of the work you did? Or to be tromping through Salal and Oregon Grape only to find a treasure trove of chantrelles just waiting to be harvested and cooked in bacon grease?

Cute little deers!

Cute little deers!

Better yet, making eye contact with the buck and his doe while we hiked passed them on the trail less traveled.

Some trails may be closed for a few months, but possibilities for fall and winter fun are endless. Charge those night lights, dry out the rain gear, and GET MUDDY!

Enjoy the ride and we will see you on the trails!

Heidi and Gary