Cheers to the Memories

As I was working on the photo selection for this website, I scrolled through countless of what we call, “archive photos.” Some of those pictures never make the traditional post ride Facebook posting – you know the saying, “what happens at Whistler, stays at Whistler,” but many do make the cut, and all bring back fond memories and humorous quotes. The difficulty is selecting which picture(s) to use. I didn’t even scratch the surface on this preliminary go around, but I did have a lot of chuckles, and even a few tears, as I kept smiling and saying aloud, “Oh, I remember this! This is when…” and “Aaah, that was the trip that….”

This process has reaffirmed my belief in our mission to spread the joy of the great outdoors by sharing our love of mountain biking with you. It is not just about the ride – although that is a huge part of it – but it is about the experiences you share. A photo can trigger a memory of the people you were with – but even more is held in that snapshot of the day. It’s all inclusive of the random riders you meet at the trailhead while gearing up or dropping in (some of who will become good friends and others the faces you will see again and again on various rides), the parking lot before and after the ride sharing a beer or comparing blood, the encouragement you hear from other bikers, the sayings that develop as a result of the ride like, “It’s not a ride ‘til there’s blood.” And the countless quotes that will live on in infamy, “That was the best hike I ever took my bike on,” “Look, another ROCK!”, and “Sure, we can squeeze in one more!”

The hero dirt we worship, the support we give one another along with the sh** we dish out, the good natured camaraderie, the night rides while Whidbey practices “touch and go’s,” the like-minded people who appreciate and anticipate a good ride, a new drop, conquering a technical section…. The moments when you all crowd back in the van comparing stories, the smell of your own sweat now out-smelling that of the dogs, PRBs, the common flask, heading to Casa Que Pasa or Porterhouse, just one more trip up to A-dog – (What? What margaritas?).

We are truly blessed, and while our group is ever evolving, the core is still there riding strong as family. Inviting in new riders and welcoming returning compadres. No one likes to miss a ride, and sometimes life just gets in the way, but hearing the stories of others inspires and intrigues, and gets us excited for the next ride, the new trail, the epic adventure. It gives us reason to carry on.

Here in the Northwest we are spoiled. We have good people, a variety of trails for all riders, glorious vistas and more memories than I can count. Cheers to many more to come! We can’t wait to share this adventure with you.

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